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Photo: Credit/©: Geoff Mason
Sourcing sustainable long-term funding to help protect and celebrate this iconic landscape.

Making it happen… we need dollars and cents!

The Mackenzie Country Trust will be seeking additional government funding to undertake community engagement, policy and design work and implement our vision. From the Trust’s perspective we would like our projects to become largely self-sufficient.

Our application for funding will be greatly strengthen if we can demonstrate community and stakeholder support. You can donate or pledge to the Mackenzie Country Trust.  As a registered charity your donation can be tax deductible.

If you are interested in helping with financial contributions, offering services in king or have some ideas about how we could raise money for this project then please contact the Trust.

Payments for Eco Services

One of the concepts the Trust is considering is Payments for Ecoservices. This would see the Trust paying landholders for things like pest control in exchange for protecting landscapes and biodiversity. The other side of this equation is an Eco-points scheme where those who benefit from the landscape like tourists are prepared to pay a fee for the value that they get from it.

Photo: Credit/©: Geoff Mason