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Photo: Credit/©: Geoff Mason
The Trust is keen to build a partner programme.

Our current partners

Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation has been a support partner for the Trust prior to and following its establishment.  It has provided half of the establishment funding and has administered the other half of the grant from the Ministry for the Environment.  They continue to provide support to the Trust with advice, meeting support, and technical requirements like mapping.

The aim of the Trust is to add to the lands that DOC currently manages (which are mostly above 900m) with complementary protected areas within the intermontane basin area, like the Lake Tekapo Scientific Reserve, an area DOC manages near Tekapo, where over 25 years the resilience and ability of the ecosystems to recover has been demonstrated.


Bell Gully

Bell Gully, one of New Zealand’s oldest and largest law firms, has provided us with pro bono advice and support during the establishment phase of the Trust.   The Trustees greatly appreciate the work that Bell Gully has done to date in support of the Trust.


Becoming a partner

The Trust is building a partner programme as part of its modus operandi.  Partners will be officially recognised by the Trust on the website and through other branding opportunities.  This programme will be developed over the next few months.

If you are interested in becoming a partner please contact the Chairperson, Julia Mackenzie at

Photo: Credit/©: Geoff Mason
Photo: Credit/©: Rob Young